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Required tools:

A pool of mainnet UOS tokens at the start of the U°OS mainnet will be distributed to the holders of UOS testnet tokens.

How to join?

UOS Airdrop for EOS Holders (For every EOS you hold you will get free UOS token):

1. Register on U°OS website.
2. Send your U°OS account name to a smart contract on EOS. This will make your U°OS account eligible for this Airdrop based on your EOS balance.
3. Depending on what tool you are most comfortable with, pick your option: EOSX, EOS-VOTER, EOSAuthority, Cleos
4. A pool of UOS tokens will be distributed based on the EOS balance weight.
5. Visit this link for more details.

Airdrop for completing simple tasks:

1. Create an account at U°OS Network community page. (+ 25 UOS)
2. Submit your Profile details. (+ 100 UOS)
3. Join their Telegram group and submit your details to this google form (+ 25 UOS)
4. Post your introduction publication at U°OS Network community. (+ 125 UOS)
5. Like 20 posts or publications at U°Community. (+ 25 UOS)
6. Follow 10 accounts at U°Community. (+ 25 UOS)
7. Vote an Active or Backup Block Producer on the Governance page. (+ 25 UOS)
8. Also, get additional UOS tokens by participating in their Bounty campaign. For more info see this post.

More about U°OS

U°OS is a blockchain protocol that translates social and economic actions into reputation. Each account on the UOS chain owns its reputation and the chain’s network resources.

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