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Travala is an already-operational one-stop travel booking platform which combines the best of this generation’s booking website functionality with the incredible benefits enabled by next generation’s decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures. A globally-competitive range of travel services; Accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Hostels), Flights, Things to do (Tours, Activities, Experiences), Restaurants, Transfers, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals and Cruises: Always available at a minimum average of 15% lower than current mainstream OTAs; enabled through agile integration of the leading wholesale travel solution partners; With both leading cryptocurrencies and traditional (FIAT) currencies as payment options; Boosted with discounts and special offers direct from brands and suppliers; Validated through blockchain-verified reviews for 100% feedback authenticity; Underpinned by a token-powered incentivization economy which gives real rewards for valuable acts.

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