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TapsGame Airdrop is worth 4,000 TAPSG tokens (~$ 50). Share your referral link to earn 560 TAPSG tokens (~$ 7) for every referral.

How to join:

  • 1. Start the TapsGame Airdrop Telegram Bot. 
  • 2. Register on the TapsGame platform & verify your email.
  • 3. Join TapsGame on Telegram Group & Channel.
  • 4. Follow TapsGame on Twitter.
  • 5. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and details to the Bot. 
  • 6. Share your referral link to earn 560 TAPSG tokens for every referral.

Note: You can see your balance on tapsgame.com after December 29 and withdraw it free of charge.

More about TapsGame

Taps.games is the project of TAPSG token combining crypto and casino. Taps.games include Slots, Crypto Slots, Lucky Wheel, Dice 3D, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Holdem, European Roulette games. You can only use Taps tokens while playing these games. Taps Token will distribute some of the earnings from Taps.games to users as a reward. TAPSG token is an Erc20 token created on Ethereum blockchain.

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