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Furucombo Airdrop is worth 1,011,300 COMBO tokens (~$ 1,500,000) in total for the blessed early contributors. Plus, there is a Furucombo Transaction Mining Program, which will distribute COMBO tokens as rewards on a weekly basis. 

How to join:

  • 1. Visit Furucombo Airdrop page.
  • 2. Click on the “+” symbol & Click on “Claim COMBO” & Connect your Ethereum wallet. 
  • 3. You will see your rewards if you are eligible. You can also check the List of Early supporters wallets
  • 4. If you are eligible, click on ”Claim COMBO” again to claim your Airdrop. Some users get up to 6,000 COMBO tokens (~$ 9,000). 
  • 5. All grants listed here will be vesting over eight weeks starting from 3:00 UTC on Jan 15, 2021, after the initial launch on Balancer LBP.
  • 6. In addition, the Furucombo Transaction Mining Program will distribute COMBO tokens as rewards on a weekly basis. 

For more information regarding the Furucombo Airdrop, check the Official Announcement.

Note: Furucombo is beta software, and it should be treated as highly unstable. Use at your own risk!

More about Furucombo

Furucombo is a tool built for end-users to optimize DeFi strategies simply by drag and drop. Unlike other DeFi protocol, which gives users a liquidity provider (LP) token in exchange for the highest paying strategy, Furucombo visualizes complex DeFi protocols into cubes, called “Combo”. Users just need to enter inputs/outputs and set up orders of the cubes, just like building a DeFi lego into one transaction without the need to know to code. Furucombo is a great tool for people who want to perform actions across different protocols, especially those who want to leverage flash loan. Flash Loans are introduced by Aave, an open-source lending protocol for anyone to deposit and borrow cryptographic assets. Furucombo went live in March 2020 and has raised $1.85 million in a seed funding round from leading DeFi Venture Capitalists.

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