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Binereum Airdrop is worth 480 BIETH tokens (~$ 30). Share your referral link to earn 80 BIETH tokens (~$ 5) for every referral. 

How to join

  • 1. Start the Binereum Airdrop Telegram Bot. 
  • 2. Join Binereum on Telegram Channel & Group
  • 3. Follow Binereum on Twitter
  • 4. Follow Binereum on Facebook
  • 5. Sign up on the Binereum platform
  • 6. Submit your details to the Binereum Airdrop Telegram Bot. 
  • 7. Share your referral link to earn 80 BIETH tokens (~$ 5) for every referral. 
  • The token distribution will take place on January 31st.

Note: Binereum is pending the smart contract security audit report.

More about Binereum

Binereum is an innovative platform that allows you to stake Ethereum 2.0 and BIETH with high profits. BIETH is a staking token allowing advanced multi-asset rewards, eventually allowing users to reap the benefits of ERC20 validation and staking. Binereum offers you the opportunity to stake ETH 2.0 without locking your 32 ETH for 2 years.

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